Sexy, debonair, Delvin “DJ” “Black” Michaels, left Chicago as a man in search of a better life than the one he had where everyone knew him as “Black”. Being fair-skinned, his nickname wasn’t because of the color of his skin, but was due to his inclination to always wear the color black from head to toe.

DJ had his share of hits and misses when it came to relationships and just when he thought he’d found “the one”, she turned out to be caught up and a ring of crooked cops who were all taken down in a sting and his job ended up on the casualty list. He’d been duped by a woman name Justice who batted her hazel colored eyes at him and before he knew it, he had fallen under her spell.

Deciding to leave New York for a fresh start as head of security at his future brother-in-law’s casino back in his hometown of Chicago, DJ is surprised to see Justice, whose real name is Avalon Hart, sauntering through the casino like she owned it. He knew she had to be up to a new scheme and he hoped her treachery didn’t include the casino.

Avalon Hart had lived her life on the edge, making due the best way she knew how even if it meant scheming men out of their hard-earned money. She learned how to survive from the streets and she was a woman who had a way with men that got her whatever she wanted, that was until she encountered DJ Michaels in Chicago, a man from her past who she had once easily swayed to her desires. She realized early that the man she encountered in New York had grown immune to her tricks, even the ones she learned how to do in bed that he loved so much.

DJ and Avalon are on a roller coaster ride to love and neither knew it. He had a lot to lose if he let Avalon get too close to him again. This time, whatever she was plotting, he was ready to take her down, even if it meant losing his heart in the process. He was betting on “Black” for the win, but so was Avalon, in her own way. There was no telling who would end up on top, but one thing was for sure – the road to getting there was going to be filled with hot, sexy fun, a pair of handcuffs and a whole lot of sensuality that neither could resist!

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Released on 3/15/20