Crashing into Love Cover 021621 (2).jpg

His name is Joseph Kincaid and while most call him Joey, the women of Chicago call him a variety of sexy epithets that are too salacious to utter in public....

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Seize the Moment Cover 042320 (2).jpg

Aubree Campbell played a childish game with love and she lost. Ending her relationship with her live-in boyfriend, Russell Hall, because they became passing strangers in the night didn’t have him begging and pleading for her to give him a second chance...

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BCB 020121 Final Cover.jpg

Meridian, Mississippi, held nothing but bad memories for Sumaria Moore. Not only did she lose her parents who raised her in the southern city, but the love of her life had walked out on her three years ago, leaving not only their love behind, but a secret he never knew about...

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Unforgettable 020121 Final Cover.jpg

Baltimorean Reagan Kelly was expecting an uneventful weekend in New York City visiting her sister between Thanksgiving and Christmas. Though in the holiday spirit, the last thing she thought she’d find on a cold, wintery night was a chance at romance...

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Montana ranch owner, Perry Sullivan, befriended a woman who finds herself in dire need of his help. He doesn't hesitate to provide shelter and protection the way any man should for a woman who is in distress...

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man and a woman looking lovingly at each other
It Should Have Been You
a pair of woman's high heel shoes with pearls draped over them
An Unexpected Destiny
Book 1, Sister Act
The Price of the Spotlight 071021 (2).jpg
The Price of the Spotlight
On the Lam Cover Image 063021 (2).jpg
On the Lam
Being Neighborly Final Cover 021521A.jpg
Being Neighborly
extended version
One Winter on the Lake Cover 053121c1.jpg
One Winter on the Lake
Leaks Lies Lust and Love Cover 053121a.jpg
Leaks, Lies, Lust and Love
Book 7 (The Brothers of Chi-Town)
Christmas in Vermont 071021 (2).jpg
Christmas in Vermont
Heading 6
Featured Inspirational Title
blackness marketing 061421v2a.jpg
Girl Dad Cover 01302020 (4).jpg

He was the last person anyone expected to turn into a #GirlDad after finding out about an orphaned daughter he never knew he had...

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RescueMe Cover 053019.jpg

Marissa Ballard is “Delilah”, an exotic dancer who is living a life of shame in the eyes of her family and finally, herself. She doesn’t like who she has become or how far down her life has spiraled for a man she thought loved her when he only saw her dollar value...

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Release Me-ebook.jpg

Raynard: I heard you can sing.

Zoe: Like you’ve never heard before.

Raynard: Show me and I’ll make you a star.

Zoe: Sit back, listen and then get your check book ready...

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New Release

Straightening Her Crown Final Cover 0531

Houston Ray is told that her biological mother who abandoned her as an infant has been in an accident and will be disconnected from life support in a month. Houston decides to go to her hospital beside and prepares to share an event from every year of her 30 years of being alive that her mother missed; even if her mother can't hear her. She goes on a journey she hopes will lead to her not only forgiving her mother, but to forgive herself for the anger she felt over being abandoned...

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A Purpose Filled Dash Cover 030121Final.

A Purpose-Filled Dash is a compilation of words of encouragement that I speak into my own life daily and it is my hope that someone else finds encouragement to stay the path and to make each moment count...

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2021 Upcoming Inspirational Releases
Girl Dad 2 Final Cover 030121A.jpg
Restore Me-ebook.jpg

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