The Sweetest Revenge 050122 Final Cover.jpg
For You I Will Cover 080722 Final.jpg
On the Right Track 050122 Final Cover.jpg
An Unexpected Destiny Final 01132022.jpg
The Power of Seduction 050122 Final Cover.jpg
Unforgettable 050122 Final Cover.jpg
Seize the Moment 050122 Final Cover.jpg
It Should Have Been You Cover 090421 Final.jpg
BCB 020121 Final Cover.jpg
A Christmas Wish final Cover 112721.jpg


ThreesaCrowd Final Cover 061322.jpg
The Sweetest Temptation Final Cover 051222.jpg

April 2023

On the Lam 050122 Final Cover.jpg
More Than Friends Cover 081522 Final.jpg
 Inspirational Releases 
Girl Dad Cover 01302020 (4).jpg
Rescue Me New 050122 Final Cover.jpg
Release Me-ebook.jpg
2023 Upcoming Inspirational Releases
blackness 090722a.jpg
Girl Dad 2 Final Cover 030121A.jpg
Restore Me-ebook.jpg

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