The Brothers of Chi-Town Series

The Brothers of Chi-Town is an 8-book series of the sexiest, finest and most intoxicating brothers who are bringing the heat to Chicago and I'm not talking about the temperature! Settle in and fall in love with these gorgeous men and find out why women are finding them irresistible. Book 1, I Can't Let Go is available now for your reading pleasure and you can preorder book 2, Swagger and Baggage and receive your download on October 1. Swagger and Baggage will also give you insight into book 3, Claiming His Child which will be available for preorder on October 1, 2019 and starting off 2020 in March will be Always Bet on Black, book 4. 

New Release

Book 2 

Swagger and Baggage

It's not a coincidence that casino owner, Torrence Allen, ran into his college sweetheart, Reese Michaels again; it's fate. As his memories unfold, he had tried everything to keep her in his life and his bed back then and failed at both. She wasn't ready for him then, but he hopes she is ready for him now.

Reese Michaels never thought she'd see Torrence again. Their split in college was dramatic and hurtful and still, no man had been able to win her heart. She considered herself the permanent third wheel to friends who had found love and marriage. 

Their whirlwind affair, quickly turned into love just as it suddenly crashed and burned when a woman shows up to claim Torrence as hers. When it's also revealed that this woman isn't the only 'other woman', Reese finds herself left with a brokenheart, shattered love and dreams of forever beyond her reach. How did she not know about the other part of Torrence’s active and amorous life?

Torrence isn't ready to give up on having Reese in his life after his deceit. He finds himself in the fight of his life to finally have the love and commitment he wanted only with her. His swagger had always won women over, but it's his baggage that's causing his life to spiral out of control and he can once again find himself without the woman he has always loved. 

Book 3 - Claiming His Child

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Degree? Got it!

Business? Check!

Money? Booyah!

Friends? Yes!

Love? Uh!


Business magnate Dexter Patterson refused to let anything keep him from checking off all of the boxes equating to achievement in life to prove that though he came from a rough childhood on the south side of Chicago, he still thrived and became a success. Looking around at those closest to him, Dexter found that he was still missing something..Love.


When Photographer Alyssa Kincaid met Dexter, she couldn’t get enough of his sexual magnetism, fiery nights of passion, and secret rendezvous. She thought they were headed toward forever when a surprising call from him ended what they had causing her to leave Chicago, taking with her a secret.


Dexter thought that no woman could ever tame him, not even Alyssa who entranced him with her sexy body, smoky, sultry voice and untamed desire. Too little, too late, he realized he’d made a mistake by walking away and then she was gone.


Time and distance didn’t diminish the chemistry between them and the child Alyssa carried and never told him about had him in the fight of his life to win back her heart and the chance to have the family he’d always wanted.


Will Alyssa continue to curse kismet when Dexter suddenly reappears in her life or will she believe that his yearning for her isn’t just because of their child, but because when she left Chicago, she took his heart with her?

Always Bet on Black, book 4

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March 2020

Book 1

I Can't Let Go

Carter Garrison vowed to love, honor and cherish his wife, Sienna, forsaking all others, something he forgot to do during a weekend of fun, bad company and poor judgement.


Sienna Garrison never dreamed her college sweetheart, Carter, whom she pledged her life to, would break her heart and when he did, she moved out and moved on - or tried to.


What better occasion is there than a friend’s wedding to stir up old feelings and memories of love, intense passion and nights of sensual titillation. Gazes from across a room after almost two years apart revealed depths of love that had never died.


Seeing Sienna again reminded Carter of what he’d lost and he vowed to never let go by doing whatever he could to get his wife back even if it included begging and pleading. Is Sienna ready to forgive and take a chance on life again with the only man she’d ever really loved?


When Carter brings on the charm and turns up the heat, no woman is immune, especially Sienna.