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I Can't Let Go

Book 1 of "The Brothers of Chi-Town" Series

Carter Garrison vowed to love, honor and cherish his wife, Sienna, forsaking all others, something he forgot to do during a weekend of fun, bad company and poor judgement.


Sienna Garrison never dreamed her college sweetheart, Carter, whom she pledged her life to, would break her heart and when he did, she moved out and moved on - or tried to.


What better occasion is there than a friend’s wedding to stir up old feelings and memories of love, intense passion and nights of sensual titillation. Gazes from across a room after almost two years apart revealed depths of love that had never died.


Seeing Sienna again reminded Carter of what he’d lost and he vowed to never let go by doing whatever he could to get his wife back even if it included begging and pleading. Is Sienna ready to forgive and take a chance on life again with the only man she’d ever really loved?


When Carter brings on the charm and turns up the heat, no woman is immune, especially Sienna.