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Book 1 of "When God Says Yes" Series

Marissa Ballard is “Delilah”, an exotic dancer who is living a life of shame in the eyes of her family and finally, herself. She doesn’t like who she has become or how far down her life has spiraled for a man she thought loved her when he only saw her dollar value. She wants out and desires to take her life back and to mend her broken relationship with her parents, yet their cold reception is a reminder of their disappointment in her life’s choices including turning her back on her daughter, Lacey.

Police Officer, Roman Hale’s heart never healed five years after losing his young wife to cancer. His profession no longer gives him hope that he’s making a difference in the lives of those he encounters on the streets of Philadelphia. His routine seems aimless and he longs for a new lease on life.

Marissa and Roman’s lives intersect and together they form a friendship built on courage, hope and faith for a new beginning not just individually, but together as one when God arrives just in time, not to rescue them, but to send them to rescue each other.