Book 2 of "When God Says Yes" Series

Release Me-ebook.jpg

Raynard: I heard you can sing.
Zoe: Like you’ve never heard before.
Raynard: Show me and I’ll make you a star.
Zoe: Sit back, listen and then get your check book ready.

Zoe Hamilton had no idea that those words to music executive, Raynard Black, would come back to haunt her in her quest to use her melodious voice for more than singing in church. She wanted to be a star and was willing to sacrifice her dignity and the love and advice of her family in order to achieve it.

Jason Minor is a gospel recording artist on the rise and the moment he encountered Zoe, he knew there was more to her than her new, flashy lifestyle and the entourage who were paid to cater to her every desire to draw her in.

Zoe’s instant friendship with Jason had her taking a hard look at herself and who she’d become as she finally discovered her true worth. Her struggle for release from her flashy, yet demoralized existence left her fighting to get control not only of her career, but of her life.

Raynard Black had plans that did not include letting his soon to be money-maker go and Zoe had to show him that her release would not be his doing, but that faith in the ONE who gave her the talent that Raynard coveted was the only source for escape that she would need to get back to who she was always meant to be.