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The Way You Love Me
The Sullivans of Montana, book 2
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Baby Come Back
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**New Release**

Please note: If you downloaded "Crashing into Love", please re-download the 2nd edition which should be available later today. Check that the 2nd edition is there before you download the book again.  In error, the draft version of the book was loaded to Amazon for pre-release and the correct final version was not; there was a mix-up. I have worked with Amazon to fix the error and they are working to push the correct version out. This correct version had to be labeled as the 2nd edition due to the large amount of changes from the original incorrect version sent through for publishing, which was the draft needed to use the preorder option. I apologize for the inconvenience and thank you for your continued support and thank you to my readers who alerted me that entire chapters were missing, major errors were noted and the format was not in the final format it's usually in. 

Crashing into Love

His name is Joseph Kincaid and while most call him Joey, the women of Chicago call out to him with a variety of sexy epithets that are too salacious to utter in public. He's a professional wrestler who is unmatched in the ring, untamed in his response to confrontation and unleashed when it comes to his bedroom proclivities, bringing women pleasure beyond their amorous fantasies.

For the second time in her life, Marlow Warren was responsible for an accident that altered someone's life. The first time, she ran to avoid bringing disgrace to her family while hiding from her past, but this time, she's all about making amends to the man whose life she ruined. 

Everything changed when Joey and Marlow's lives collided and it wasn't all bad. Hurt, anger and unending apologies turn into lust, desire and unbridled cravings, something neither of them could fight. When Marlow's past arrives in a threatening way, Joey knew he would risk his life to protect her because he was now fighting for more than a future back in the ring; he was ready to fight for love.   

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Seize the Moment
Being Neighborly
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 Two books in one!

Preorder your copy of "Seize the Moment" and get a free copy of "Being Neighborly" - that's two books with one download.

Read more and preorder today! Being Neighborly is only being offered free during the preorder phase. After March 27th, they will be two separate books, both at full price at two separate prices. 

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2021 Upcoming Inspirational Releases
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Girl Dad
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Release Me
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A Letter to My Mother
Rescue Me
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Featured Romance Series
The Brothers of Chi-Town
I Can't Let Go
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Swagger and Baggage
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Claiming His Child
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Always Bet on Black
It Takes Two to Tangle
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