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Dashing Through the Snow

a Sweet Holiday Romance

Coming 12/5/19 - preorder available now!

Who ends a ten-year marriage by text message? Not just any message, but a text message on Christmas from her husband of ten years with his pregnant mistress.


Brooke Payne knew her marriage was in trouble and she was preparing to bring the fire and passion back with a romantic Christmas Eve dinner with her husband Marcus, but he never came home again. Instead of getting Marcus, she got a text message telling her thanks for the good times, but he was moving on with one of his assistants who worked for the company he owned; a company Brooke, herself, had helped Marcus build from the ground up, while putting her own plans for a career on hold. She didn’t see his betrayal coming and didn’t know what her next move would be. She eventually had no choice but to move back home with her mother when she found herself completely broke, friendless and living in San Diego alone in a house she could no longer afford. Back at home, she encountered Ian Samuels, the small-town hunk who only had eyes for her and who exuded more passion than she’d ever experienced with any man and that’s just from the way he looked at her.


Ian Samuels had to temporarily move back to his hometown to take over his father’s veterinary clinic after the elder Mr. Samuels succumbed to a heart attack, leaving the fate of the family clinic, which had been in operation for thirty years servicing their small Burlington, Iowa community, in jeopardy. What started out as a provisional location change started to look like a more permanent move when Brooke and her puppy, Dash, entered his life and for the first time in three years, he started to once again see the beauty of the Christmas holiday season through Brooke’s eyes when gazing in them stole a piece of his heart with each look.


Christmas hadn’t been the best holiday in the past for Brooke or Ian, but love doesn’t select specific seasons for it to be in full bloom, especially when the longing for a forever kind of love makes you want to stand still and stop running long enough to let the heart have what it wants.

Heartbreaker Cover 031019.jpg
Heartbreaker, book 3 - Now Available
You can't forget the sexy playboy that was Cade Weston in "Heartthrob", book 1 of "A Lovers' Heart" Series or, the Navy SEAL sexiness of Calvin Lymon in book 2, "Heartbeat" and you won't be able to let go of the hotness that Cameron Lymon brings to Denver, Colorado in book 3, "Heartbreaker". 
Cameron thought he would be immune to love until he met Dakota Kane, an older woman who gives him a run for his money in and out of the bedroom. Secret affairs never felt so good until they become public and have the potential for ruining what Cameron and Dakota worked hard for. Get the final book in this series today!

"She Said No" 

She Said No front conver only.jpeg

Is ‘from tragedy to triumph’ real when it comes to a horrifying incident and a painful past? Dallas Combs proposed to Marni Gibson and she said no. Five years later, fate intervened and Dallas would finally get the answers that plagued him because of the unknown. Will Marni’s truth hurt more than her leaving him or will he realize that true, unconditional love is rare and admit that she still held the one and only key to his heart? Dallas and Marni are on a journey from tragedy to love and hopefully to their happily ever after if love can mend a broken heart; if love truly does conquer all.

 "Swagger and Baggage," book 2 of "The Brothers of Chi-Town" 
Swagger and Baggage Cover 071619 (2).jpg

You followed Carter and Sienna Garrison's love in, I Can't Let Go, book 1 of "The Brothers of Chi-Town" series and now it's Torrence Allen, their old college friend, who is bringing the heat to Sienna's best friend, Reese in Swagger and Baggage and he's not giving up when his usual swagger isn't getting him the result he wants. He first has to deal with the baggage of his past before he can convince Reese that their love was always meant to be. Get your copy of "Swagger and Baggage" today and get ready for the rise in temperature that's coming to Chicago and I'm not talking about the weather!

Preorder Available for "Claiming His Child", book 3 of "The Brothers of Chi-Town"

Dexter Patterson ended his relationship with Photographer Alyssa Kincaid and then had regrets because for the first time in his life, he missed a woman and he wanted more than just the steamy nights they shared. 

Alyssa had a secret and all bets are off when Dexter finds out and declares he wants her back, not because she's carrying his child but because they were perfect for each other. He's disappointed that Alyssa won't make it easy for him to be a part of her life again. What she hadn't counted on was his determination to always come out on top. Preorder your copy of book 3 of The Brothers of Chi-Town series, "Claiming His Child". You'll also get to read two chapters of book 4, "Always Bet on Black". 


Release Me, book 2 - New Release!

Raynard: I heard you can sing.

Zoe: Like you’ve never heard before.

Raynard: Show me and I’ll make you a star.

Zoe:  Sit back, listen and then get your check book ready.

Zoe Hamilton had no idea that those words to music executive, Raynard Black, would come back to haunt her in her quest to use her melodious voice for more than singing in church. She wanted to be a star and was willing to sacrifice her dignity and the love and advice of her family in order to achieve it.

Jason Minor is a gospel recording artist on the rise and the moment he encountered Zoe, he knew there was more to her than her money, flashy lifestyle and the entourage who were paid to cater to her every desire.

Zoe’s friendship with Jason had her taking a hard look at herself and who she’d become as she finally discovered her true worth. Her struggle for release from her flashy, yet demoralized existence left her fighting to get control not only of her career, but of her life.

Raynard Black had plans that did not include letting his money-maker go and Zoe had to show him that her release would not be his doing, but that faith in the ONE who gave her the talent that Raynard coveted was the only source for escape that she would need to get back to who she was always meant to be.  

Recent Romance Releases

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When I Think of You


When I Think of You2 (2).jpg

I Can't Let Go

The Brothers of Chi-Town, Book 1

I Cant Let Go 0712 v1 (3).jpg

True Lies or True Love


TrueLiesTrueLove Cover 042619b (2).jpg

And Then There Was You

A Malibu Hearts Series, book 1


And Then There Was You Cover 080218 (2).

Love at Last

The Bachelor Series, book 4

LAL New cover 080517 (2).jpg



Un-Break My Heart


Bossy cover 040218.png
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Christian Romance & Inspirational Novels 

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Rescue Me

When God Says Yes, book 1

RescueMe Cover 052019 (3).jpg

Down, But Not Out


DBNO Kindle 082017.jpg

One Sister Away

Volume 4

OSA 4 cover 031618 a.jpg

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