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A Trick and a Treat
Welcome to the Candy Shop

Cole Dixon wasn’t catfished, but he was misled by a magazine reporter who tried to use internet trickery to get dirt on his life and that of former Miss America, Serita Raye, a young African American woman who was making a run for the Senate representing the state of Florida. He should have known that snakes would try anything to destroy Serita’s chances at winning. Usually, Cole is on his game knowing about the tricks of the trade now that he owned his own security firm. How he fell for an old trick, he didn’t know. It wasn’t the trick that got him caught up, it was the treat of a beautiful woman that had him lowering his guard.

Joelle Cook couldn’t say no to another one of her sister Delaney’s scams for the sleazy magazine she worked for. What she hadn’t prepared for was after experiencing how curiosity killed the cat, she was drawn into an intense love affair with Cole Dixon, ex-professional ball player, man of the year and once celebrated as the sexiest man alive. She, however, was harboring a secret that could tear Cole from her life and her bed if he discovered she wasn’t who she claimed to be.

Delaney tried the trick and Joelle got the treat, but for how long?

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