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The Christmas Layover


Everyone has a past, some good some bad, perhaps even pretty awful. That doesn’t mean they don’t deserve a second chance at love. I believe in love especially when hearts and spirits connect before mind and body. That’s exactly what happened between investigative journalist, Danica Green and self-made millionaire and powerhouse stock market trader, Edrick Stone.

Danica is picked to go on an assignment to dive into Edrick’s life to see if his business savvy is on the up-and-up or if he’s running a Ponzi scheme. She made a mistake in her past when it came to boosting her own career. She knows that this story could thrust her into the perfect job that she’s always dreamed of.

Five years after the death of his wife and son, Edrick instantly falls for a woman he feels connected to on a level he had not experienced since he met his wife, the woman he thought he would have forever with. A chance meeting and a flight layover could provide him with the opportunity to find out if he believes in love a second time around.

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