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The Lake House Final Cover 090421A.jpg

The Lake House

176 pages

ISBN-13: 978-1948950039

Summers together at their families’ lake houses as teenagers are what Danielle Fenton and the boy next door, Gannon Wilcox, loved about being on the lake in North Carolina. They fell in love at a young age and then one day it was over after Danielle ended their relationship with no explanation. The only thing Gannon remembered was seeing the woman he loved in the arms of another man.

Years later, Danielle and Gannon find themselves back at the lake, in their families’ lake houses, both divorced after unhappy marriages and trying to find their next moves. They now have a chance to get this thing called love right as long as they believe in the history and power of love found at the lake that was always meant to be everlasting.
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