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True Lies or True Love

TrueLiesTrueLove Cover 042619b (2).jpg

FBI Agent, Quintin Bell was sent to work undercover at Tee King Investment Securities to get proof that Carlos King, owner, and hedge-fund boss, was embezzling money from his own employees' retirement accounts. In a chance encounter, he noticed Carlos' daughter, Meadow, and before he could keep his heart from getting lost in her beauty, he found himself at a crossroads between doing his job and following his heart.


Meadow King wasn't looking for love that day in the café, but there was no way she could resist the handsome, rugged looks of a stranger when the intoxicating vibe between them became undeniable and irresistible. Unbeknownst to Meadow, the man she’s fallen in love with has a secret that could not only ruin the love that grew between them but could topple her entire world.


Quintin knows that love can be real and it can be true, but his lies are what create a façade of their love affair and could cause it to crash and burn just as it has begun to heat up with passion that neither of them had ever experienced before nor could they see themselves without ever again. Quintin is running out of time in trying to find a way to do his job and hold on to the woman he loves. His biggest hurdle will be if he does his job, can he convince Meadow that his lies may have been true, but his love is truer!

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