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The Bachelor Series

Bachelor Not For Sale Final Cover 020121
April 2013
Bachelor Not For Sale - Book 1

ISBN-13-978-0615752747        266 pages

Duron Knight agreed to take part in a bachelor auction held by his sister’s sorority. Little did he know that he would find the woman of his dreams in the form of sexy bombshell Taija Charles, the woman in red.


Taija, in a room full of the sexiest men in Atlanta, has eyes for one handsome bachelor that no woman in her right mind could resist.


As sparks fly between them, can Duron put his unhappy past with women behind him and give his all to Taija? He may fight love, but Taija has plans to help him mend his broken heart with real love and a whole lot of lust.

July 2013
A Designed Affair Final Cover
A Designed Affair - Book 2 

ISBN-13-978-0615806846            270 pages

In this follow-up to "Bachelor Not for Sale", Loren Knight has been engaging in a secret love affair with her brother Duron's best friend and business partner, Michael Bailey. He is everything she could want and more in a man, but she believes the risk is too great for any type of relationship with him beyond their steamy encounters behind closed doors.


Michael Bailey has been fighting his attraction to Loren for years. He has stayed away from her out of respect for his best friend and business partner. Now that he and Loren have finally given into the passion they have been craving, can Michael convince Loren that what they share is worth the risk of even Duron finding out?

A Perfect Combination Final Cover 020121
December 2013
A Perfect Combination - Book 3 

ISBN-13-978-0615922935              256 pages

In this second follow-up to “Bachelor Not for Sale”, Tyrone Davis is the king of one-night stands. The nickname, Mr. Love’em and Leave’em, given to him in his college days, still follows him as a top executive in the corporate world. He never believed in karma until it paid him a visit in the form of a very sexy and uninhibited one-night stand.

Victoria Alston couldn’t forget the incredible night she spent with Tyrone Davis, someone connected to her best friends. In just one night, he stirred feelings in her she never thought she would ever experience. The next day, she disappeared, returning to reality and the fiancé she left back in Boston.

Tyrone and Victoria both soon discover that it wasn’t just a one-night stand, but a perfect combination for the kind of love most people only dream about.

February 2017
Love at Last - Book 4  

ISBN-13-978-0997877946             330 pages

In the third follow-up to “Bachelor Not for Sale”, they had the perfect love…That’s what Brian Knight thought of his relationship with Sherry Braxton until he looked up one day and she was gone and never wanted to see him again. Two years later, he discovered that there is the possibility that Sherry may have been pregnant with his child. Hurt and angry at her deceit, he takes a flight to Baltimore to fight for his rights as a father and realizes that the love and passion they once shared had never died. Is it possible he could still have the kind of love he thought would last a lifetime? Can he still have his love at last?

Twelve Bachelors for Sale Final Cover 020121A.jpg
Coming Soon, Book 5, "Twelve Bachelors for Sale
Christmas Day, 2022 
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