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New Series: Island Embers

Come with me on this journey into a new sexy, romantic series called, Island Embers. How, do you ask, would embers be used to describe something like a budding romance when its definition means something that's burning away, fading even? Well, that's true, but in this series, embers signify a place where love and desire, which could be fading, actually flourish again as the embers are ignited hotter and fiercer than ever. 

In this series of three books, Hunger for You, Desire for You and Thirst for You, three brothers, Tellum, Byrum and Callum Blackstone have enjoyed their lives as bachelors, never thinking that there would be a woman for each of them who could stoke the desires of their hearts as they do their bodies. 

In the business of building romantic resorts, Secret Whisper, Silent Whisper, and Quiet Whisper, each brother will discover that the heart wants what it wants. Their lives are no longer only about intoxicating, lust-filled needs. The grown and sexy in them have found it's about everlasting love. 

We're starting with, Hunger for You, with the location being Secret Whisper, somewhere in the Dominican Republic. 

Come on and have a taste of Tellum and Cheyenne, coming up in book 1.

Hunger For You Final Cover 111323 69.jpg

About: Hunger for You

Tellum Blackstone was entranced the moment his eyes landed on Cheyenne Reddick and her magnetic beauty. In her eyes, arms, and heart, he thought he’d found forever. A rift between their fathers had him questioning what kind of real love could be torn apart with a line drawn in the sand.

​To Cheyenne, Tellum exuded the kind of charm, kindness, and simmering heat that had her mind, body, and soul sizzling as no man had ever done before. To her dismay, a ticking time bomb of epic proportion, in the form of her father, brought about an ultimatum for her to choose the man she loves from a family he detests or lose his love and support forever.

​Tellum put his all into their red-hot kisses and explosive days and nights of seduction at his resort, Secret Whisper, a place designed for love. He plans to convince Cheyenne that the love they once shared is worth having forever, no matter the risk.

Welcome to Secret Whisper!

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