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Leaks, Lies, Lust and Love, Book 7

The Brothers of Chi-Town Series


Updated Release Date: December 2023

Carlos Kincaid is an irresistible, rugged loner who has always been that good guy who finishes last when it comes to women. Just when he is getting his life on track, his Achilles' heel shows up by the name of Everly Robinson. Along with her came memories of their inexhaustible, hot, steamy, lust-filled nights between the sheets.

Everly chose the wrong man one time too many in her life. Now, she’s on the run from a dangerous man and in desperate need of help. With nothing but the clothes on her back, she returns to the only man she trusts. Carlos was also the only man she’s ever loved despite toying with his heart and leaving him for his best friend. 

Carlos is frustrated that old feelings could lead him back into the arms of the woman he needs to hate in order to forgive. He couldn’t tell if her story was filled with lies or truths. Unfortunately for him, Everly is still the only woman he wants more than his next breath. Is he willing to risk his heart and his life for a woman who once betrayed him and his love for her?

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The Brothers of Chi-Town Series


I Can't Let Go, Book 1

Carter Garrison vowed to love, honor and cherish his wife, Sienna, forsaking all others, something he forgot to do during a weekend of fun, bad company and poor judgement.


Sienna Garrison never dreamed her college sweetheart, Carter, whom she pledged her life to, would break her heart and when he did, she moved out and moved on - or tried to.


What better occasion is there than a friend’s wedding to stir up old feelings and memories of love, intense passion and nights of sensual titillation. Gazes from across a room after almost two years apart revealed depths of love that had never died.


Seeing Sienna again reminded Carter of what he’d lost and he vowed to never let go by doing whatever he could to get his wife back even if it included begging and pleading. Is Sienna ready to forgive and take a chance on life again with the only man she’d ever really loved?


When Carter brings on the charm and turns up the heat, no woman is immune, especially Sienna.

Swagger and Baggage, Book 2

Swagger and Baggage Cover 100119c_edited

It's not a coincidence that casino owner, Torrence Allen, ran into his college sweetheart, Reese Michaels again; it's fate. As his memories unfold, he had tried everything to keep her in his life and his bed back then and failed at both. She wasn't ready for him then, but he hopes she is ready for him now.

Reese Michaels never thought she'd see Torrence again. Their split in college was dramatic and hurtful and still, no man had been able to win her heart. She considered herself the permanent third wheel to friends who had found love and marriage.

Their whirlwind affair, quickly turned into love just as it suddenly crashed and burned when a woman shows up to claim Torrence as hers. When it's also revealed that this woman isn't the only 'other woman', Reese finds herself left with a broken heart, shattered love and dreams of forever beyond her reach. How did she not know about the other part of Torrence’s active and amorous life?

Torrence isn't ready to give up on having Reese in his life after his deceit. He finds himself in the fight of his life to finally have the love and commitment he wanted only with her. His swagger had always won women over, but it's his baggage that's causing his life to spiral out of control and he could once again find himself without the woman he has always love

Claiming His Child, Book 3

Claiming His Child Final Cover 020121A.j

Business magnate Dexter Patterson refused to let anything keep him from checking off all of the boxes equating to achievement in life to prove that though he came from a rough childhood on the south side of Chicago, he still thrived and became a success. Looking around at those closest to him, Dexter found that he was still missing something...Love.

When aspiring model, Alyssa Kincaid met Dexter, she couldn’t get enough of his sexual magnetism, fiery nights of passion, and secret rendezvous. She thought they were headed toward forever when a surprising call from him ended what they had causing her to leave Chicago, taking with her a secret.

Dexter thought that no woman could ever tame him, not even Alyssa who entranced him with her sexy body, smoky, sultry voice and untamed desire. Too little, too late, he realized he’d made a mistake by walking away and then she was gone.

Time and distance didn’t diminish the chemistry between them and the child Alyssa carried and never told him about had him in the fight of his life to win back her heart and the chance to have the family he’d always wanted.

Will Alyssa continue to curse kismet when Dexter suddenly reappears in her life or will she believe that his yearning for her isn’t just because of their child, but because when she left Chicago, she took his heart with her?

Always Bet on Black, Book 4

Always Bet on Black Cover 120919 (2).jpg

Sexy, debonair, Delvin “DJ” “Black” Michaels, left Chicago as a man in search of a better life than the one he had where everyone knew him as “Black”. He met a woman, fell in love, and then she turned out to be someone he didn't really know when her scandalous life ruined his career. 

Avalon Hart had lived her life on the edge, making do the best way she knew how even if it meant scheming men out of their hard-earned money. She learned how to survive from the streets and she was a woman who had a way with men that got her whatever she wanted, that was until she encountered DJ Michaels in Chicago, a man from her past whom she had once easily swayed to her desires. She realized early that the man she encountered in New York had grown immune to her tricks, even the ones she learned how to do in bed that he loved so much.

DJ and Avalon are on a roller coaster ride to love and neither knew it. He had a lot to lose if he let Avalon get too close to him again. This time, whatever she was plotting, he was ready to take her down, even if it meant losing his heart in the process. He was betting on “Black” for the win, but so was Avalon, in her own way. There was no telling who would end up on top, but one thing was for sure – the road to getting there was going to be filled with hot, sexy fun, a pair of handcuffs and a whole lot of sensuality that neither could resist!

It Takes Two to Tangle, Book 5

It Takes Two to Tangle Cover 042920 (4).

Councilman Tucker Glass, a native of Chicago, has set his eyes on the biggest prize, that of Mayor of the city he has loved all of his life. At thirty-nine, his career spans back many years as a City Council member and then most recently, as City Council President. Tucker wasn’t expecting his past to come back to haunt him just as he’d found the woman who was making his life complete. He would do anything to keep her in his life, but is he willing to give up his run for the Mayor’s office to keep that love in-tact?

Nichelle Michaels didn’t know that love could be so right until she met and fell in love with Tucker Glass, a man fourteen years older and wiser than her, but who showed her how a man should treat a woman, and that’s after she spent the past year testing the water between how a man loves and how a woman loves. Now that she knows what she wants, a woman from Tucker’s past could ruin her perfect love.

Tucker and Nichelle are in love, but is he willing to risk his chance at being Mayor because his ex-wife, or the woman he thought was his ex-wife, wants to now be First Lady of Chicago? Was he really ready to tangle with a woman who specialized in drama every day on television as the star on the nation’s number one reality show?

Tucker may be ready for Chicago, but is Chicago ready for the drama that comes along with the popular politician?

Crashing Into Love, Book 6

Crashing into Love Cover 021621 (2).jpg

His name is Joseph Kincaid and while most call him Joey, the women of Chicago call him a variety of sexy epithets that are too salacious to utter in public. He's a professional wrestler who is unmatched in the ring, untamed in his response to confrontation and unleashed when it comes to his bedroom proclivities, bringing women pleasure beyond their amorous fantasies.

For the second time in her life, Marlow Warren was responsible for an accident that altered someone's life. The first time, she ran to avoid bringing disgrace to her family while hiding from her past, but this time, she's all about making amends to the man whose life she ruined.

Everything changed when Joey and Marlow's lives collided and it wasn't all bad. Hurt, anger and unending apologies turned into lust, desire and unbridled cravings, something neither of them could fight. When Marlow's past arrives in a threatening way, Joey knew he would risk his life to protect her because he was now fighting for more than a future back in the ring; he was ready to fight for love.

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