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Straightening Her Crown: Encouraging Words From Sister to Sister

SHC Final Cover 081621.jpg

Welcome to “Straightening Her Crown”, a testament that not all women see each other as competition, but as a means to a smile. This book anthology is a symbol of love and devotion to seeing all women soar. Helping a woman keep her crown straight is not about self, but about being selfless with your heart. What is her crown? It’s not just a jeweled tiara on her head. It’s her self-esteem, her wealth, her health, her well-being; it’s her life. It’s everything that a woman is that, at times, may not represent her at her best.

In this anthology, we are women who are excited to share a few encouraging words to help another woman get back on track, to put a smile on her face, to allow her to see that she is not alone in her struggles – that we’re all here for her. Take a journey with these ten women who make up this anthology, and if even one word blesses your life, we have done what we set out to do; support and encourage. It is our hope that you will share these words with family and friends and if you can, with a sister-friend who could use some inspiration.

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