A Letter to My Mother

156 pages

ISBN-13:  978-0692467411       156 pages


"A Letter to My Mother", is a story about Houston Ray who doesn't remember the woman who gave birth to her since she walked away when Houston was an infant. The only glimpse into who her mother was came from stories told to her by her father. Now as a thirty year old woman, she received word that her birth mother is in a coma with little chance of survival. She's been told that in thirty days, life support will be terminated and at that time, she will either breathe on her own or she will slip away, succumbing to her injuries. Houston goes on a thirty day journey of writing a letter to her mother, sharing thirty years of the life her mother missed out on. The healing that takes place is more than Houston ever thought possible and beyond anything she could have ever prayed for.


Included with, "A Letter to My Mother" is a compilation of letters, compiled by Cheryl Barton, about mothers and grandmothers from some contributing writers in the form of words of encouragement and expressions of "thank you" as only a child can do.


Be inspired, encouraged and empowered as we celebrate mothers.