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Amorous Occupations Series
The Artist - Book 1


164 pages

Zora Michaels, a local Boston artist spends all of her time painting and remembering days of old which have been holding her back from finding love again.

Micah Prentiss had a perfect life, a beautiful wife, and a baby about to be born. His world changed with the sudden death of his wife during childbirth. The only love he ever wants to experience again is the love he has for his child.

Zora nor Micah knew that the path to them both finding love again was already set. Fate and destiny were about to help them find the love they thought only occurred once in a lifetime.

The Bookkeeper - Book 2


208 pages

FBI agent Karen Jacobs is finally getting her first undercover assignment. Being undercover as a bookkeeper is an easy transition for her with her background in finance.


Business owner Thomas Atwater couldn’t believe his eyes when he saw the woman who once held the keys to his heart walk into the restaurant where he was dining. Seeing her sparked feelings he thought had died long ago when she walked out on him.


Karen, discovering the object of the investigation by the FBI is Thomas, the one and only man she ever truly loved, has to find a way to do her job while fighting feelings she thought she had buried years ago.

The Chef - Book 3


145 pages

Chef Charles Watts, owner of "Watt You Say?", the most popular restaurant in Chicago, is looking to expand his restaurant by purchasing the building next door.  His one obstacle is trying to convince his sexy neighbor, Jennifer Taylor, to move her bakery to another location. 


Master Baker Jennifer Taylor's first exposure to her gorgeous neighbor, Chef Charles Watts, was over-hearing him pleasure a woman through their adjourning wall.  Matching the face to the sounds led her on a path to more passion than she could have ever imagined.  


Her late-night baking and his late-night cooking lead to fiery early morning rendezvous that neither expected.

The Dancer, Book 4

ISBN-13 ‏ : ‎ 978-0615918631

178 pages


Michelle Hitchens, a prima ballerina couldn’t deny the instant attraction she felt for the detective who was trying to solve the case of who attacked her and other women around New York.


Detective Kevin Garner never mixed work with pleasure, but he found himself in a dilemma when he couldn’t resist the pleasure he found in Michelle’s arms night after night while trying to stay focused on stopping a menace who is preying on women around New York City. 


Will Kevin be able to separate his longing for unbridled nights of passion from his job as lead detective before any more women turn up dead, especially Michelle?

The Electrician, Book 5

ISBN-13 ‏ : ‎ 978-0692544952

292 pages

The party invitation said everyone had to wear a masquerade mask the entire night, a New Orleans tradition.  Dara Marshall couldn’t resist the opportunity to spend an uninhibited night of passion with National Football Association coach Nelson Riley, the guest of honor, knowing that her identity was hidden by her mask.


Dara's world turns upside down when she discovers the gorgeous coach is the newest client of her father’s business and after she’s sent on a job at his condo, she does everything in her power to not give away the secret of who she is.  


Nelson could never forget the sexy temptress he’d spent an unforgettable night with, even when she tries to hide behind a mask and baggy overalls.


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