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New Release - Girl Dad
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Cyrus Jackson spent a life focused on his own wants, needs, and desires and he didn't care whom he had to hurt to get what he wanted. He is a Washington, D.C. local gangster, hoodlum, and at one time, drug kingpin, known to put gut-wrenching fear into the hearts and minds of everyone he encountered, never letting his feelings get in the way of being on top of his game. He has a family he was estranged from, choosing instead to create a new family from friends who were loyal to the death to him. He'd been in and out of jail since his teenage years and spent his adult years surviving by any means necessary. He is feared by many, hated by even more, and was known to have a heart that was ice-cold and unfeeling. He was the last person anyone expected to turn into a #GirlDad after finding out about an orphaned daughter he never knew he had.

Shiloh Moore entered Cyrus’ life and with one look, his heart swelled with a love he never knew he could possess. He saw a little girl who needed someone to save her and most of all, love her. Cyrus wanted a fresh start, a chance to prove he could be the father that Shiloh needed in her life even when a system that knows of his past is hesitant to let him prove that he could change.

Cyrus and Shiloh had an uphill battle of trust and love ahead of them, but Cyrus was determined to be the best dad he Never knew he could be. He was willing to learn because Shiloh was worth every sacrifice of him getting away from whom he thought he needed to be in order to make it in the world, to become a man who wanted nothing more than to put her first. He didn’t have to convince himself, but with a past like his, it was everyone else who needed convincing that he was no longer the self-serving bastard he was always known to be.

In no time at all, Cyrus saw himself becoming a #GirlDad and he’s never wanted anything more than to be just that to a little girl who stole his heart with just one look.

Cyrus was set to make major changes in his life to make room for his daughter, but his past wasn’t ready to let him go. The fierce protector in him was willing to give up any and everything for the little girl who turned him into a #GirlDad.

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