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February 14, 2022

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Sister Act Series

The love begins November 2021

June 2022

October 2022

An Unexpected Destiny, Book 1


Destiny Lockhart’s high school crush, Lincoln Cole, is again front and center in her life. She last saw him fifteen years ago when she threw him out of her bedroom after their one night together following the senior prom. That night had been her most embarrassing moment, leaving her feeling ashamed and undesirable.

There was no way entertainment mogul Lincoln Cole could ever forget the shy, yet beautiful butterfly that was Destiny from his years as a high school football star. The now feisty, sexy, and self-confident executive who dripped in vibrant, dazzling appeal reminded him that they were never meant to only have a one-night-stand. They were always destined for forever.

For years, they lived on two different coasts unaware that soon, their past would become an unexpected present filled with unfinished desires that once looked like rejection.

Sister Act Series

For You I Will Cover 051821 (2).jpg

For You, I Will

Kasey Young discovered that a man would do anything to keep her in his grips, even if it’s her ex-husband. She lived her life his way for years until she’d had enough and filed for divorce. He wants to insert himself back into her life with an ultimatum; take him back or lose custody of their kids. Kasey found herself between a rock and a hard place needing the help of a man she barely knew, but who stirred up deep carnal desires that had been lying dormant.

Attorney Darren Braxton stepped up to the plate to help Kasey with her child custody case as a favor for a friend. What he hadn’t planned on was the hedonistic lust for a woman who could cause him to lose all he’s gained because he can’t say no to her. He did the one thing he could think of to save them both; he married her.

Kasey has to convince the court that their love is real or she could lose everything. Could she before it’s too late?

More Than Friends Cover 081522 Final.jpg

More Than Friends

A storm is brewing in Boston and her name is Nivea Lockhart. Boldly entering into a no-strings affair with her best friend, she thought she could put her true feelings aside. Her mind was on indulging in steamy nights of uncomplicated, noncommittal pleasure. She didn’t count on her heart wanting more than that.

Jaxon Hightower is riveted by his best friend, an intense attraction he had done a good job of hiding since their early college years. He thought having a bevy of beauties instead of having her would lessen his attraction and not ruin the friendship he had come to rely on.

After an unexpected, mind-blowing encounter that surprised and shocked their socks off, Nivea and Jaxon danced around the inevitable; true love. They also didn’t count on Alicia, the woman who had no plans of letting go of Jaxon without a fight. What Alicia wasn’t ready for was Nivea’s response to her saying, It’s On!

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