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A Younger Man

Judge Sage Barr is coming up on her fortieth birthday and while her sisters and friends are all married with children, she still struggles with being a single woman who longs for the love and life with the man of her dreams. 

Dr. Cordell Richie has always been a successful overachiever but not when it comes to his personal life. The moment he sets his eyes on the lovely Sage Barr, the immediate spark leads him on a path to the love he's always wanted, but it's not without issues. Though he and Sage have a perfect connection, she has problems with him being seven years younger than her.

Sage is caught off-guard by the strong connection she feels with a much younger, Cordell, but she can't allow herself to forget about their age difference, an issue that only bothers her. 

Luckily for Sage, Cordell won't let his age keep them from the kind of happiness he knows they could have if she would give them a chance. 

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