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A Short Story

One Moment Cover (3).jpg

World-renowned celebrity chef Garrick Washington is at the top of his game and slaying every goal he’s ever set for himself professionally, leaving his personal life to suffer in the process. He’s spent years building his career and making a name for himself while walking around with blinders on when it comes to matters of the heart.


Divorcée Amelia Kelly’s heart never healed from the very public scandal involving her celebrity ex-husband whose racy extracurricular activities while still married to her hit the tabloids, destroying any trust she had in relationships and in men.


After spending years on the road working, Garrick decides to take a break from his busy schedule and returns to the sprawling, small-town ranch in Branson, Missouri, where he grew up and meets Amelia, a woman he found himself more than casually interested in, a first for him. He gets a history of how his parents really met and fell in love and his eyes are opened to what he’s been missing out on; real love and the reason behind how he could fall in love with a woman just from one look. He found there was more to the history of the men in his family than he ever knew, a secret that went back centuries and now it was his time to experience the impact of ‘One Moment in Time”.  

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