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When I Think of You
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Leo Westmoreland is an ordinary guy living in Harlem, New York, working three jobs to make ends meet the best way he can in order to take care of his mother and younger brothers years after his abusive father disappeared from their lives. He hasn't been really lucky in love because he has found most women want more when it comes to material things than he has available to give. He has dreams and aspirations, but for now, family comes first.


Raquel Johnson was born with a silver spoon in her mouth to a father who owns a top money management firm in Manhattan. Though she's never wanted for anything, she's made her own achievements in life and now sits as an executive with her father's company. Her dating life has consisted of men who value money, power, and prestige over unconditional love, the one thing she desires the most.


Leo and Raquel meet and share a connection that breathes new life into them and shows them that focusing on each other and the love they can have together is more important than anything else.


Read Leo and Raquel's story and discover that love and relationships are about who you are, not what you have. 


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