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Seize the Moment 050122 Final Cover.jpg

Seize the Moment


Aubree Campbell played a childish game with love and she lost. Ending her relationship with her live-in boyfriend, Russell Hall, because they became passing strangers in the night didn’t have him begging and pleading for her to take him back as she hoped. When a pandemic hit, they agreed to ride it out together under one roof. Tensions brewed and so did their undeniable desire and passion for one other. Will their steamy nights lead them back to love or will past hurt and jealousy return to put an end to their rekindling?

Free book included,

Being Neighborly


Should she? Would she? Could she? Those questions plagued Natalie Banks every time she encountered her tall and hot-as-fire neighbor, Levi Hamilton. Everything about him exudes pure unadulterated, raw masculinity. She flirted, he reciprocated and they danced around their obvious attraction to each other with no one making a move; until she did. With amorous undertones, Levi was about to give new meaning to the old adage of, "can I borough a cup of sugar?"

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