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The Diner: Where Love First Brewed

They had been young and in love after meeting at The Diner. Once Camille and Everett Sumpter became one, they thought their life and love would be perfect. Their eventual divorce shattered every dream she ever had about happily ever after, especially once Everett had moved on.

Camille is now in her fifties and ready to love again. She didn’t expect the focus of her desire to be her ex-husband. After what was an unplanned, one-night stand filled with once unleashed, now rehashed passion, she tried to go back to her life. Thoughts of Everett’s sizzling seduction had stoked a fire in her that had been dim for many years. It was now alive again and ready for more, but only with him.

Fate brought them back to The Diner once again. It was where their love first brewed. Camille only has to let go of the past and be willing to partake in the reawakened fire that has ignited a thirst that seems to have never been quenched by any other man.


ThreesaCrowd Final Cover 061322.jpg

Three's a Crowd
The Sullivans of Montana, Book 4

Businessman Shelton Sullivan was clear that as a kid, he loved life growing up on the Sullivan Ranch wrangling cattle and riding horses. As a man, he prefers big city life, wrangling expensive suits, and most of all, riding sexy women. He was blindsided when a woman penetrated the wall of steel that surrounded, what some said was his black heart when it came to being in love; he preferred lust.


Deputy Sheriff McKenna Gibson needed a fresh start in a new city. Escaping a life that was crafted for her had become old and dull. Sizzling, spicy encounters with Bozeman’s most eligible bachelor was exactly what she needed to help her forget the secrets she was hoping to leave behind in her old life as a military wife.


Without warning, Shelton found himself swept up into McKenna’s amorous sensualities that very much matched his own dalliances. Their steamy, seductive encounters led to even more explicit and erotic romps until Shelton’s world crashed down like a Montana boulder. McKenna is injured in the line of duty and his world is rocked off of its axis when her military husband blew up the love he thought was blossoming from the one time he decided to let down his guard.


Is Shelton willing to forgive and forget and turn away from the red-hot stirring in his chest at the thought of her?

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