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Divas of High Hill, Book 1: Secrets
Divas of High Hill Book 1 Secrets 102619
Preorder January 1, 2023

Multi-media tycoon, Tyrus Oliver Hill, had to be crazy requiring, upon his death, that his six daughters, most whom had never heard of each other before, run his multi-billion-dollar conglomerate, High Hill Entertainment. His scandalous life yielded more than four daughters out of wedlock and when they meet and agree to run the empire he left to them, they will go through hell and high water to make their business partnership work, even if it means tearing each other down to do it, all for the prize of coming out on top.

These six Divas, Olive Hill-Preston, Audrina Hill, Sharmyn Hamilton, Anoki Ito, Tully Meadows and Everly Hill, put on fake smiles, offer fake promises and agree with fake intentions to keep High Hill Entertainment as the number one entertainment company in the country, but what they don’t reveal are how cutthroat, scandalous, jealous, scurrilous, malicious, backstabbing and dishonest they can be as they fight to reign victorious as the one and only Diva of High Hill.

In the midst of all of their own drama, and there is plenty of it, these Divas find that their dear old and very much dead father, Tyrus, isn’t the only member of the Hill family with deep, dark secrets. As the claws come out against each other to achieve money, power and respect, they fight to keep their own hidden agendas away from prying eyes. The answer at the end of the day is, who will be left standing as their lives crumble all around them at their own hands?

Preorder your copy of book one of the Divas of High Hill fourteen-book series, Secrets and get a free copy of the prequel, The Come Up: The Rise of Tyrus Hill which dives into Tyrus’ slow start and eventual unscrupulous rise to the top of the entertainment industry with unending lies and secrets on top of scandals and Hollywood bombshells dropping everywhere, which could hold the true answer to what or even who could have caused Tyrus’ ultimate demise.

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