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Get ready for the fire in 2023!

New book series - Divas of High Hill is a rollercoaster ride. You don't want to miss journey!

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About the Divas of High Hill Book Series:

Sixty-four-year-old multi-media tycoon and philanderer, Tyrus Oliver Hill is dead. The manner in which he died and where he was found turned into the biggest scandal of the year for the entertainment industry. His two daughters, Olive Hill-Preston and Audrina Hill are devastated over the loss of their father and what the scandal could do to the billion-dollar empire that is High Hill Entertainment, which Tyrus built from the ground up with a one-million-dollar investment from his father over forty years ago. More than the story behind Tyrus’ death, their lives are further tossed into turmoil as skeletons from his closet reveal four other women who also turn out to be his daughters, the result of several affairs he had over the years.


During the reading of Tyrus’ will, the women discover that he’s left them each a controlling interest in High Hill Entertainment with the stipulation that they must run the company together. From the moment they are introduced, they hate each other, but find that they must work together or they risk losing it all. Is the entertainment industry ready for six devious, hot-blooded, covetous, strong-willed women to be at the top and barking out orders? Tyrus thought so, but with him dead, his daughters had nothing to prove to him and what surfaces is their desire for power and their zest to be the only Diva in charge.


As the claws come out along with one secret after another, everything and everyone will be a casualty if these sisters can’t get it together and figure out that they are more powerful together, especially when outside forces, like other family members and crooked business partners, attempt to overtake the company entrusted to them.


Preorder your copy of book one of the Divas of High Hill fourteen-book series, Secrets and get a free copy of the prequel, The Come Up: The Rise of Tyrus Hill which dives into Tyrus’ slow start and eventual unscrupulous rise to the top of the entertainment industry with unending lies and secrets on top of scandals and Hollywood bombshells dropping everywhere, which could hold the true answer to what or even who could have caused Tyrus’ ultimate demise.

Prequel to Divas of High Hill Book Series
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Get your preorder on January 1, 2023

Book 1, Secrets
Divas of High Hill Book 1 Secrets 102619
Book 4, Hollywood
Book 2, Pillow Talk
Divas of High Hill Book 2 Pillow Talk 10
Book 5, One Night Stand
Divas of High Hill Book 5 One Night Stand 102619 (3).jpg
Book 3, Scandalous
Divas of High Hill Book 3 Scandalous 102
Book 6, Temptation
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